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2007 HypnoBirthing Las Vegas Family Reunion and Farewell BBQ

Every October, HypnoBirthing Las Vegas plans a gathering where past and current HypnoBirthing Las Vegas families can reconnect with their classmates, show off their babies and share their birth stories. Each year the gathering grows. Since 2003 HypnoBirthing Las Vegas has been blessed to be involved in the preparations of over 450 baby's births. Come out and join in this "Celebration of Life!"

This year the reunion will also act as a "send off" for Anne and her family. The Swanson's are moving to Flagstaff, Arizona. HypnoBirthing Las Vegas will continue to offer quality, dynamic and information rich classes as a couple of new and passionate HypnoBirthing instructors join the HypnoBirthing Las Vegas vision. Anne will continue to provide support and mentorship as the new instructors spread their wings and soar.

Who's Invited?

The whole HypnoBirthing family; parents, kids, babies, grandparents! Also, if you are a birth professional or personal acquaintance/friend; you're invited!


11:00 am - 4:00 pm on Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sunset Park Reserved Area B

Located east of the lake, west of the park road curve.
Approximately 12 picnic tables
Playground and restrooms within walking distance
2 (20 lb.) barbeque grills
3 water spigots and water fountain available for groups who conduct activities
Electricity:16 outlets at 110 volts, 20 amps each.
Lights available

What to Bring:
HBLV will provide:
      1. Beverages, ice
      2. Plates, bowls, cups, untensils, napkins, trash bags
      3. Bounce House


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