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How the mind and emotions affect the body | Why labor hurts and why it doesn't have to | Releasing fear the enemy of labor | Preparing your mind and body for birthing | Avoiding artificial induction and episiotomies | Developing ultimate depth relaxation | Understanding the stages of labor | Preparing your Birth Plan | Tapping Nature's own relaxant | Breathing your baby down for birth

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Admission Questions

When being admitted to the hospital or birth center to birth your baby, there is a set of questions that are asked. Often the answering of these questions disturbs the laboring mother's ability to focus inward and interrupts the birthing process. This distraction can be minimized if a birth companion knows the answers to the admission questions. The laboring mother can also futher enhance her inwardness, minimize interruptions and maximize relaxation by wearing headphones while listening to her meditation music or self-hypnosis recordings as admission and triage procedures are completed. Following is a general list of questions that are often asked.

  • How many babies?
  • How many pregnancies?
  • Has this been a normal pregnancy? If not, what complications?
  • Current gestation?
  • EDD (estimated due date)?
  • Any allergies?
  • Height?
  • Pre-pregnancy weight?
  • Current weight?
  • Complete medical history. i.e. medications taken (past/current), health concerns/issues (past/current), STDs (past/current), known cervical scars, previous birthing details, miscarriages, abortions, etc.
  • Complete surgical history. Especially surgeries/procedures to cervix, uterus, etc. Including LEEP, Colposcopy, D & Cs, Cone Biopsys, etc.
  • Have your membranes (amniotic sac) released? If so, when? How much fluid? What did the fluid look like? Any particles, smell, or other indication of meconium?
  • When did your surges (contractions) begin? How far apart are they (this is the time from when one surge begins to the beginning of the next surge)?
  • When were you last seen by your Doctor or Midwife?
  • Who is your care provider (Doctor or Midwife)?
  • Have you selected a pediatrician? Who?
  • Will your pediatricion be coming to the hospital/birth center or would you like to use the staff pediatrician?

Some care providers provide copies of complete prenatal information at one of the last prenatal visits. Bring those records to the hospital for admission. Ask if your care provider will provide a copy, if not already offered.

Just a note: Pre-registration questions are different from admission questions.