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Baby Elijah's Birth Story


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"My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the joy of safe, satisfying birth for both her baby and herself - one she'll not need to forget."

~ Marie F. Mongan, 1999

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HypnoBirthing was a fantastic journey through pregnancy and birth. I was empowered to create a peaceful, joyful birth experience. I can truly say that I didn't feel pain when I effectively used the techniques." - Heather Harmon-Mayer.

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The HypnoBirthing Las Vegas Family


Mandie Medford

My name is Mandie Medford, and I was honored to become the owner of HypnoBirthing Las Vegas in June of 2008. Since I took over HBLV, I have had the honor of teaching over 500 families in the greater Las Vegas area. I am called mom by my three beautiful daughters Makenzie, Grace and Reagan. They are the reason I do what I do. All of my girls were birthed naturally with the profound relaxation and calm confidence of HypnoBirthing ®- The Mongan Method. I birthed my first child, Makenzie, at St Rose de Lima hospital in October of 2007. Grace was born at home in water in September of 2010; Reagan joined our family in May of 2012 and was also a water birth baby born at home. Each of my births were life changing experiences and have furthered my belief that birth is beautiful and sacred and can absolutely take place in the way that mirrors nature. Each day that we spend with our sweet girls is an absolute joy and reminder of the beauty of pregnancy, parenting and childbirth. In our family, we value the gift of our children above else and want to pass that joy onto other families. I am so blessed to be able to share the joy of birthing with other parents-to-be here in Las Vegas and Henderson.

I was born and raised right here in fabulous Las Vegas.  I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2006, and taught first grade for 2 years before becoming a full time mom and HypnoBirthing ® Childbirth Educator and Lactation Educator.  I also have Birth Doula training and have had the privilege of attending the births of some of the clients who took my HypnoBirthing classes.  Because of my love of this wonderful city, I am giving back by helping parents take back their right to birth in the safe, joyful and comfortable way in which nature created all of us to birth.  I believe that birth is a celebration of life.  I am working to help all families create the birth that they believe is best for them, and giving them the tools to achieve this gentle, comfortable birth.

When I became pregnant with Makenzie, I was incredibly afraid. I was afraid of giving birth and the entire process surrounding my prenatal period.  I was surrounded with horror stories and thought I would just have to jump in, and sit back while care providers took the reigns of my pregnancy and birth. Being from a very large family, I always knew I wanted to have several children, but wasn’t really sure about giving birth! I thought, “Oh well, I just have to tough this out like everyone else does.”  I was convinced that all births were complicated and that everyone suffered complications during pregnancy and that I, like everyone else I knew, would have to be “saved” by medication during birth. 

After having one conversation with a friend about her beautiful home birth with HypnoBirthing ®, I found out that my outlook toward birthing could not have been more inaccurate!  It only took me one HypnoBirthing ® class to realize how wonderful and life altering giving birth can be.  I was so happy to hear from my teacher, Anne Swanson (former owner of HBLV), that birth is the most natural, normal, healthy process that a woman can go through.  Throughout that class I also learned that 95% of births can happen naturally, with little or no intervention.  My husband, Larry, and I walked away from class each week feeling more passionately about the HypnoBirthing program and more confident in my ability to birth our child naturally.  We also decided that becoming a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner would be a great way for me to share this information with others.

Our little angel Makenzie was born October 30th, 2007.  We welcomed her into the world, using many of the techniques we learned in our class.  I went on to become trained by a faculty member of the HypnoBirthing ® Institute and began teaching in April of 2008.

When I became pregnant the second time after having taught HypnoBirthing for a few years and attending births, Larry and I decided that home birth would be the best choice for our family.  I had a peaceful and comfortable pregnancy.  I taught HypnoBirthing classes throughout the course of my pregnancy and was able to bond with my clients who were all going through the same experiences as I was.  Many of my clients were due around the same time as me!  We looked forward to having our home birth and were so happy with the thorough care we received from our midwife April Kermani.   Our care was centered on our needs and our family.  On September 21st, 2010 after a smooth ten hour labor with no interventions whatsoever, our little Gracie was born in water in the loft at our home and received into the world by her Daddy.  I was completely at peace as I “birth breathed” (rather than pushed) her lovingly into the world. I was supported in my birth by other professionals in the birth community including Marcie Webb, Sherry Hopkins and Allyson Butler along with my mom Ruth, and 17 year old sister Regina.  Everyone was moved by the experience and I felt absolutely wonderful and invigorated after Gracie’s birth.  She nursed perfectly and was absolutely calm and healthy. Reagan's birth took place much in the same way as Gracie's home birth. I had the loving support of my husband, mother and my little sister and we all were blessed to be able to bond with our sweet girl immediately after her birth. My journey as a mother is ever-evolving and I am truly blessed and thankful that my girls chose me to be their mother and that I have the opportunity to serve so many other mothers as they welcome their precious babies.



Rachel Van Horn

My name is Rachel and I am thrilled to be able to be part of HypnoBirthing Las Vegas!  My husband, Jeremy, and I moved to Las Vegas from Grand Rapids, MI in 2007 when I was offered a position as a Zoologist at the Springs Preserve, where I am still working full time. We were both born and raised in Michigan, but we are discovering the wonders of desert living!  I am blessed to be both step-mom and mom to 3 beautiful boys. I have an 18 year old step-son, Anthony and two boys Quinn (5) and Toby (3).  We also have a house full of animals and I take care of many different kinds of animals in my full time job!

When Jeremy and I found out we were expecting our first child in late 2008, we began doing research on the kind of pregnancy and birth we wanted to have. We have both always leaned a bit to the natural side of things and I felt very strongly about bringing our first child into the world in as safe, gentle and natural a way as I possibly could. We interviewed a couple of midwives here in Las Vegas and ended up falling in love with April Kermani at Baby’s 1st Day Midwifery.  April introduced us to HypnoBirthing and we felt right away that it was our kind of childbirth class! Jeremy and I took a class from Mandie in 2009 and we felt so empowered in out birth choices and ready for the birth of our child. Quinn came into this world that summer, safely and calmly in our home, on the floor of our bedroom while I leaned on our dresser.  We were supported by April, her apprentice Sherry and Mandie, our doula. Our birth was everything I could have hoped for and then some.

In 2010 we found out we were again expecting and had no doubts that this baby would be born at home again with April, using the HypnoBirthing techniques that had been so effective for us the first time.  Toby rushed into the world in the Spring of 2011 in a little over 3 hours. He was born at home in the water this time! We were again assisted by our wonderful midwife April, her apprentice Allyson and our doula, Tiffanie. 

The births of my boys were the defining moments in my life. They changed me. Becoming Mommy has been beyond anything I could have expected. I immediately fell in love with birth and all the phenomenal birth professionals here in Las Vegas. When I had the opportunity to become a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, I did not hesitate. The classes I have taught have been an absolute joy and I look forward to working with more parents as they take this wild and wonderful journey.  I whole heartedly believe in HypnoBirthing and the power of this amazing technique and I am honored to share this love and passion with you!

HypnoBirthing Las Vegas Beginnings

Anne Swanson discovered HypnoBirthing when she began searching the internet for natural childbirth information during her first pregnancy. She was completely intrigued about the possibilities of birthing naturally with minimal to no discomfort.

As she continued to research HypnoBirthing, she became convinced that the philosophy was accurate. Why would conception and pregnancy be incredible, wonderful miracles only to have the final phase of that miracle be painful and agonizing? She determined that there was a better way and she found it.

HypnoBirthing - the Mongan Method provided the philosophy, information and methodology that is missing in standard childbirth education. It only took one session of HypnoBirthing for her to be absolutely convinced of the method. 

Her first daughter's birth was incredible. She experienced no discomfort and was completely involved in that final phase of the miracle of life. 

Her daughters birthing day was not only a celebration, it was a life-defining moment. Because of that experience, she determined that she needed to make a life change. She gave up her position as a Chief Chemist in the cosmetic and personal care industry and became a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and founded HypnoBirthing Las Vegas in 2003. 

Annes first daughter's birth story was shared with American Baby readers (November 2006).

Here is an article Anne wrote about Trusting Your Body.