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"It was amazing to watch someone labor with seemingly no pain!" - Laurie Perrin, Obstetrician

"This is how all births should be! Calm, focused, relaxed." - Sid Kamrava, Obstetrician

"Absolutely marvelous! I would have never believed it if I had not seen it. My client was so focused and yet so comfortable all through labor, enough to even brush her teeth at 8cms. I will definitely recommend Anne's HypnoBirthing classes to all my clients. Thank you Anne..." - Jill Colin, Certified Professional Midwife

"Wow! Your baby is so much calmer than most of the newborn babies I see. I need to learn more about HypnoBirthing!" - Lee McGarey, Pediatrician

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The class taught me to embrace contractions (surges). "Think of them as bear hugs," our instructor would say. For the first time in my type-A life, I learned to relax. Most of all, I learned to trust my body. With each passing week, my confidence grew. I would have no problem giving birth. It would be a magical experience. My body would know what to do. I could picture it." - Beth Fisher, 2006

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Seeking Inspirational Birth Stories

Hello Southern Nevada Mamas!

In my quest and desire to empower and encourage mothers to trust their bodies and babies for birth...I had an inspiration!

I thought...wouldn't it be wonderful if moms who had experienced satisfying and joyful birth shared their stories and wisdom with other pregnant moms! How inspiring that could be! And then I thought...what if these mother's accounted not only their birth stories, but also what they did to prepare mind, body and spirit for birth. What if they shared the books they read, the classes they took, the traditional and alternative health providers they saw. And how wonderful if it was local moms sharing their wisdom and resources with other local moms. Then not only would the stories empower and inspire, but other moms could then seek out those same resources and hopefully experience similar joyful and satisfying births!

The wisdom gained through lessons learned and experiences had is a fabulous way to inspire, encourage and inform others about the wellknown and even more obscure options for pregnancy and birth. When we as mothers and women share our wisdom, knowledge and positive birth stories we give others the opportunity to know more, experience more and even possibly enjoy the journey into motherhood more completely.

And so, a book is in the works...and I need your help! I am looking for Southern Nevada mothers to share their positive birth stories. If you felt empowered, joyful and satisfied through your pregnancy and while birthing your baby, I need your story! I am looking for a variety of stories, hospital births, home births, water births, HypnoBirths, VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean), etc. I am looking for completely natural births, epidural and medicated births, and even Cesarean births. The main focus is empowerment, joy and satisfaction.

The stories should include as much detail as possible...the labor and birth (when it began, how it started, what you did, what kept you comfortable, where were you, who was with you, what you felt emotionally and physically, etc.); the things you did to prepare (mentally and physically) prenatally (classes, books, websites, exercise, chiropractic, massage, yoga, groups, etc.); your emotions and thoughts throughout pregnancy, labor and birth; what you did to gain confidence and trust for birth; your thoughts and emotions when seeing and holding your baby for the first time, etc.

I am looking to include 30 - 40 local mom's inspirational birth stories in the book, so feel free to pass along this request to any groups or individuals that may have interested participants. Birth professionals, please pass this request along to past and current clients. I hope to gather 100 stories and then choose the most inspiring and empowering from those. So, if you know anyone who had a joyful pregnancy and birth, please let them know. Thank you!

After the stories are selected, they will be compiled along with local resources, and information regarding the benefits of those resources/services.

Requirements for participating moms:

  1. Birth occured in Southern Nevada
  2. Gave birth between Jan 2002 - present
  3. Minimum 1000 words
  4. Include contact information for resources, providers, groups, classes, etc. personally used.
  5. Include favorite books and why they were enjoyed and what was learned or gained Include favorite websites, quotes, etc.
  6. Include things that inspired, informed and empowered you.
  7. Include mother's wisdom, tips, hints, things that you learned directly related to your pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

Submit stories to info @

Subject: S NV birth story

Don't worry if you are not a writer...the requirement is mother. The submission should not be your first draft, but if selected, it won't necessarily be the last. So don't worry about editing. However, spelling should be as accurate as possible.

Mamas, lets make a positive impact on our community...let's inspire women to seek out education, empowerment, care and choices for pregnancy and birth that will impact not only their satisfaction and joy, but also the future our of children and world!

Thank you and I look forward to reading your wonderful stories and submissions and compiling them into an incredible resource for pregnant moms.

Motherhood Blessings,

Anne Swanson, BS, HBCE