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How the mind and emotions affect the body | Why labor hurts and why it doesn't have to | Releasing fear the enemy of labor | Preparing your mind and body for birthing | Avoiding artificial induction and episiotomies | Developing ultimate depth relaxation | Understanding the stages of labor | Preparing your Birth Plan | Tapping Nature's own relaxant | Breathing your baby down for birth

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What Will I Learn?

HypnoBirthing® is a complete childbirth education program. You will learn what I like to call life tools. The relaxation techniques that you will learn are focused on birth. However, you will be able to use variations of these techniques for the rest of your life!

How Fear Affects Labor

You will learn how the uterus functions normally. This understanding will allow you to release fear and embrace the concept of easier, more comfortable birth.

Preparing Your Mind and Body for Success

In HypnoBirthing you will learn relaxation and visualizations that will see you through your labor and quickly bring about a renewed state of energy following your birth.

Breathing Techniques

You will learn three gentle breathing techniques to enhance your body's natural ability and encourage a calm and peaceful birthing experience.


Healthy mommies birth healthy babies. We will discuss good nutrition which is essential for your baby's growth and development. Many late pregnancy concerns can be minimized and even reversed through healthy eating and optimal nutrition.

How the Body Works with You and for You

Childbirth is a normal, natural and healthy function for women. You will learn how your body and baby are designed perfectly for birth. You will understand what the uteran muscles are doing and why, as well as the stages of labor...simplified.

Prenatal Bonding

Getting acquainted with your baby is a very magical experience and you don't have to wait until (s)he is born to enjoy making this connection.

Integral Role for Your Birth Companion

Birth companions are able to experience the joy of supporting mommy and participating in the miracle of birth. Companions are encouraged, however, many single moms have achieved gentle and fulfilling births.

We will also discuss exercise, laboring and birthing positions, birth preferences, breastfeeding and so much more!