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How the mind and emotions affect the body | Why labor hurts and why it doesn't have to | Releasing fear the enemy of labor | Preparing your mind and body for birthing | Avoiding artificial induction and episiotomies | Developing ultimate depth relaxation | Understanding the stages of labor | Preparing your Birth Plan | Tapping Nature's own relaxant | Breathing your baby down for birth

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Cancellation & Return Policy

HypnoBirthing Las Vegas is committed to providing you with the best quality classes. Since organizing these classes takes time and class materials are purchased ahead of time, we do not offer refunds. If for some reason you are unable to take the class for which you enrolled, we may apply your credit to another class series start date only. If for some reason you are unable to take the class and do not wish to enroll in another class or date, you may transfer your credit to another person, as long as they have a copy of your receipt.

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Enrollment Deposit
This non-refundable deposit reserves your space and covers the cost of the first group session. For group classes; if you complete class one, and do not wish to continue with classes, no additional fees will be collected.

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Full HypnoBirthing Class Fee
This fee covers the cost of the entire HypnoBirthing® 5 session group classroom program including the enrollment deposit.

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One Day Intensive Class Fee
This covers the fee for an intensive 8 hour private session as well as class materials. This option is available only for those who are very advanced in pregnancy and cannot feasibly attend many classes. .

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Private Sessions Fee
This fee covers the full fee of private sessions as well as your class materials. Private sessions are offered as (4) 2 hour sessions.

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Private or Intensive Session Deposit
This fee reserves your instructor, and covers the cost of your first hour of private instruction.

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